7 jQuery Drag and Drop Plugins that Front End Web Developers Would Love to Use


If you have keen interest in front end web development then this post will definitely create a special place in your heart as jQuery has been successful in bringing in the real goodies to the web developers with just few simple lines of code and things are getting better day after day. The jQuery Community keeps shipping novel jQuery Plug-ins every now and then and this is the reason now most of the web developers have succeeded in creating awesome user friendly web interfaces in a simple and elegant manner. Of all the things the most important aspect of any good web interface is the creation of user events especially the user dragging stuff all over the web page. In general this was not of great significance earlier but with jQuery the Dark Clouds have gone and now you can easily add Drag n Drop Capabilities  to your front end web interface with the innovative jQuery Drag and Drop Plug-ins.

If you want to become a Master in Drag and Drop Feature then this post is for you and you will not have to look any further as these jQuery Drag and Drop Plug-ins listed below are super easy to implement and customize based on the requirements of your project. The jQuery Drag and Drop Plug-ins listed here are as handy as you will be able to provide your visitors with that extra level of customization options so that they can personalize the tool or the site to go well in accordance with their needs and this is what people love it. Here is a list of few popular jQuery Drag and Drop Plug-ins that are in demand nowadays which most of the Web Developers prefer to use:

1. Drag and Drop Sortable Lists Plug-in


With the use of this plug-in you can sort the order and after that save the sorted list using Ajax Functionality so that the web page need not reload or refresh all the time. Apart from this there is an additional message box that comes embedded within the plug-in which will appear dynamically showing up the status of whether the boxes have been saved or moved & whether the changes have been recorded into the Database.

2. Fancy Product Designer jQuery Plug-in


This Drag &Drop Plug-in is just perfect for designing & user customization such as business cards, electronic devices or clothing. When using this plug-in you don’t have to make use of any vector files ,simply set the PNG images for your web elements and you need to inform the plug-in on as to which element should be colorized by the customer. In case if a particular image will be colorized in that case it will be converted as a HTML5 Canvas Web Element.

3. anima Drag


With the help of this plug-in draggable items can easily be created by jQuery Animation that is not possible with UI draggables thus resulting in brighter and richer display of the transitions between 2 different locations with ease.

4. Map Box


With the help of this plug-in you can create zooming draggable maps with limited depth & size that have a defined boundary. This plug-in will provide you several features such as the ability to center the map at any given point of time, lets you zoom to a desired level, zoom out and zoom in, move in any specific direction you want to. You can make use of all these features by dragging the map or with the use of Mouse Wheel along with the usage of Mouse Wheel Plug-in.

5. Drag Scrollable


You should scroll a large nested layer inside a viewport with the use of native scroll from the container. This plug-in does not require Drag & Drop Functionality from the User Interface and as well is much faster than UI Dragging. This plug-in will be used to build similar effects as that of the Google Maps  wherein you have the privilege to Drag the Contents of Div which usually acts as the viewport.

6. Crop Zoom


This jQuery Drag & Drop plug-in will allow you to select a region on an image so that you can crop it as per your requirements. With the help of this you can either Zoom Out or Zoom In, Rotate, Drag and Drop. Nevertheless you need to be aware of the fact that this plug-in will require you to use UI.Slider, UI. Droppable and UI.Resizable from the jQuery UI Library.

7. jQuery iViewer


This plug-in will allow you to load and view the image inside a container whilst providing you added privileges to drag it with a mouse into the container and as well the ability to zoom the image.

  • April 4, 2013
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