5 Excellent Professional Portfolio Free WordPress Themes to Ease Responsive Web Design


Web Development World is nowadays booming with responsive web design and it is the concept of Responsive Web Design which makes switch from PC to Laptop to Tablet to iPad to Smartphone’s easier and seamless to follow. It is not necessary that all the Website Owners or Bloggers will be Design Savvy or Code Literates nevertheless each and every website owners deserves to have their own responsive web design for their website.

If you are on WordPress there is a treat for you. Instead of hiring a Web Designer for revamping and bursting out your budget you can adopt one of the many free WordPress themes that are available on the World Wide Web. The free WordPress Responsive Themes are specifically designed for realigning and resizing so as to cater to the various screen sizes and resolution of various Smartphone’s, Tablets and Mobile Devices. Thus with the usage of these WordPress Responsive themes you will now have no need to swipe around the hidden bars, zoom in and zoom out because the content would be comfortable and clear enough to read ensuring that the look and feel of the website is maintained as a mirror image of the original website.

Theme is the heart and soul of any blog as it reflects your blog’s personality. WordPress is a Content Management System and a Free Blogging Tool that makes use of languages like MySQL and PHP for Modifying, Editing and Installing various plug-ins. However creating a WordPress Website is not difficult but spotting a innovative and beautiful theme for WordPress a little bit hard to work on and that is why we have collected few professional and top-notch WordPress themes that are likely to solve your problem of finding and wasting time towards the hunt for free WordPress themes .


After having explored the WordPress Themes for Tech Blogs here , we are here with a list of Top-Notch WordPress Responsive Themes that you can play around with:


1. Sensitive WordPress Theme


This is among one of the best portfolio or business themes for the year 2013.It is a complete responsive theme design with more about Twitter Bootstrap and consists of a Nav Bar Area & a Subtle Header that is subjugated by a big feature image along with button and text. Below this there is a possibility to have several posts and number of web pages which will be represented by a short description and a small thumbnail image.


2. Cry Book WordPress Theme


This is a simple no image theme with two right sidebars and three columns layout along with several other widgets and it appears just similar to Facebook that adds to the attractiveness to this Template. You can customize the Admin Panel of this theme as per your needs.


3. Contango WordPress Theme


Contango is a simple and easy to use Straight Forward Theme that will ease the navigation to your website. Each element as part of this theme is clearly marked out from the other element thus there will be no doubt on what leads where. One can easily personalize the background and the header so that you add extra personal touch to your theme and the Nav Bar will be powered by a personalized menu so that you can make use of it for displaying whatever web pages you want to.


4. Chun



You are likely to become a great fan of Justin Tadlocks works if you just take a closer look at his most recent offering Chun WordPress Theme. This is a portfolio theme designed for Responsive Web design and is CSS3 and HTML5 compliant blogging theme. This theme has been designed with the motto of letting the website author’s images to do the talking by themselves. If you website emphasizes on imagery most significantly in that case Chun is a WordPress theme that is worth of your serious consideration for the design. Chun renders various customization options through the Theme Customizer and as well provides support for various post formats which is a feature that is relevant to WordPress 3.6.


5. Attitude WordPress Theme


This is a responsive WordPress theme which is considered as Retina Ready. The feature that adds name to the game of this theme is stupendous level of customization. The standard design of this theme is extremely crisp and reasonably minimalistic but there is a great level of scope for changing it. You have several Custom Page Templates, Social Icons, different layout options, Custom Widget Areas and lots more. In short this theme looks good and you can make great deal of changes with it to create a theme of your own.

There are several more WordPress Themes out there on the Web and if there is any specific WordPress Theme please let us know through the comments. WDJ Team wishes you Happy Hunting for your next step towards Mobile Future.

  • April 23, 2013
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