7 Wondrous Photoshop Plugins to Add Stunning Effects to Your Images


Adobe Photoshop has been a pioneer in graphic editor development since a long time ago from now every new version of it has brought in novel features and add-ons. Adobe Photoshop is a strong and powerful image editing software that is of great help to all the photographers , web developers and web designer for creating desired amazing and stunning effects in the images. Nevertheless at times it is difficult to carry out certain tasks of  editing manually in Adobe Photoshop. Earlier people used to think that only web designers who are champions of Adobe Photoshop can create special effects on images or photographs but  now with the advent of a wide range of Photoshop plugins it has become possible for anybody to create desired effects on their images.

Photoshop Plugins are best friends of a naïve photographer as the photographer simply has to take up the shots , fan the flames of Photoshop, add some predefined filters and they will see a considerably professional image. Even professional photographers nowadays use various Photoshop plug-ins as a base and after that tweak and add different effects so as to get their own professional touch. Photoshop plug-ins are extra add on programs or scripts on to the main program that help in acquiring additional image effects or in performing certain task which are difficult or quite impossible to be achieved just by the use of Adobe Photoshop alone.

The Adobe Photoshop plug-ins ease out the much complex tasks so that users can create stunning effects faster and in a better way. Generally plugins are regarded as indispensable tools and they do not get the attention that they deserve to but with time things have changed and nowadays Photoshop plug-ins are given great significance as they provide simple and easy methods for adding effects to images. If you are looking for a set of Photoshop Plugins then this post is a must read for you with a glance at excellent Photoshop Plug0ins every web designer should be aware of :



If you want to effectively design nettings and grids then the Lattice Composer freeware plug-in is for you as it produces a wide range of fabric textures, Skeleton Simulations, Weave Patterns, Body Art Tattoos and lots more. The three dimensional text effects rendered by this plug-in are out of the ordinary.


BW Conversion

With the help of this plug-in you can add a Black and White effect with a slight difference as this plug-in provides you privilege to take complete control over the tonal response of Cyan, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green , Magenta & other intermediate tints. Thus with the help of this plug-in the user can boost the tonal response of the color to complete black or to complete white devoid of causing any impact on the other colors.



This is a free Photoshop plug-in that will allow you to remove the white or black values and make the region completely transparent. Based on the kind of image you are working on such as Line art, Color Photo or Mono Photo you can choose from a wide range of 6 colors to match any photo.



Ìéá âüëôá óôçí Áêñüðïëç

This plug-in is working by increasing the gap between the pixel value and the mean value of the adjacent pixel in any part of the local area of the photo. With the help of this plug-in it is possible to control the amount of blending with the actual photo, control the amount of increase of contrast and the size of the local area.



This plug-in is exclusively designed for being used with PNG files and is much faster than the usual Adobe’s own PNG plug-in. PNG is an open source image file format that provides support for lossless compression and this plug-in will help you save considerable smaller PNG’s. This plug-is is compatible with all the modern day web browsers and is easily readable on any platform by most of the graphical applications.

6. FUR2


With the help of this free Photoshop plug-in one can disperse a simple figure such as a circle, line or any other configurable dimensions or thickness through the complete image. The figure can be filled in 2 modes basically:

1)      180 Degrees Mode wherein a rotation of 180 degrees is performed around the figures centre and the image source content is kept as is.

2)      Solid Mode where the figure will be filled with a single color.



Contrast Mask

Contrast Mask Photoshop plug-in will help you in reducing the overall contrast of the image and along with this it will add extra details to shadows and highlights. You can blur a black and white negative of the image with the help of a smoothing slider so as to get rid of hard edges and after that overlay them by lightening the shadows and darkening the highlights.



  • May 6, 2013
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