7 Free HTML Admin Templates Including Back-End Management


Each and every Web Application or a dynamic website requires a Backend to manage it and for this reason there are these HTML Admin Templates for the Backend Management. Every Wed Developer and Web Designer understands the need of having a great Admin Panel Template and it is extremely important that these Admin Panel Templates should be customizable and flexible in all aspects. When you think about Admin Panel what matters the most is the functionality but not the design. The admin screens are available in a bundle with ready to use applications such as Magento, WordPress however custom applications will require custom backend.

People think that it is a simple process to create admin template however most of the time lot of effort is required as several things related to the usability of the template need to be taken into consideration. There are loads of Free Admin Templates designed for the Backend of the Applications by the Web Developers and Designers but it has at all times been a headache and a difficult task for the Designers and the Developers to find an efficient and effective HTML Admin Template. The free HTML Admin Templates help you in getting rid of the time consuming design process and rather focus on the application functions Thus if you are looking for some easy to customize and quality Free HTML Admin Templates for your cool new application or for the Content Management Systems Backend then this post will be of great help to you as it lists few top notch and popularly used HTML Admin Templates:

1)      AQUINCUM



This is a premium responsive HTML AdminTemplate that provides several custom elements along with more than 35 plug-ins.  With a three level navigation, three columns liquid structure and a two level sidebar this admin skin provides a very flexible content structure. This Admin template is compatible with the latest versions of jQuery and Bootstrap and is available in ten major backgrounds It is easy to use the custom stuff such as Dropdown Menus, Varying Button Sizes, Buttons  and various other features with the help of the integrated bootstrap plug-ins as they add an additional ease to use functionality to the components. Aquincum is a responsive template meaning it is compatible with all kinds of Mobile Devices whether it is an iPad or an iPhone.

2)      DEVLOPR


If you want to experience the awesomeness of jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 then this fully responsive admin skin is for you with so many fluid responsive elements and layouts, innovative controls, media queries events and lots more. This is a premium responsive HTML AdminTemplate that provides several custom elements along with more than 15 plug-ins. This touch devices friendly admin skin is just apt for building a web application for Mobile Devices and Desktop. Devlopr is for you if you wish t write code once and let this template handle the entire magic of the responsive web design.

3)      MOONCAKE


Mooncake is a completely responsive admin template that has been built using CSS3 and HTML5 and it is based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. The main focus of this admin template is to lay emphasis on simplicity whilst providing the most popularly used UI widgets and elements on Web applications across various web browsers and devices. There are 2 in-built designs which are integrated with this admin template namely Simple and Creative. The Creative Style of this Admin Skim focuses on users who yearn for a complex  GUI whereas Simple Style of the Admin Skin focuses on users who yearn for plain, simple and user friendly interface where the importance is given to functionality

4)      CROWN


This is a premium responsive admin skin having so many integrated plugins, features and custom elements. This admin template can be used for all kinds of custom administration panels, all kinds of backend systems , any kind of web application. This admin template ahs scope for integrated charts and statistics stuff that make it very helpful for web developers who want to build their own charts and graphs and the design will be all set to launch.



This is a professional and stylish admin template for backend administration systems with all the basic features included such as Modals, Tables, Widgets, Data Visualization ,  Notification Boxes, Forms and lots more. This admin template is powered by selectvizr, Modernizr, jQuery and is build upon CSS3 and HTML5.This template is regarded as one of the most reliable HTML responsive admin template.

6)      ADMINICA


This is an easily customizable, cleanly coded, cross browser compatible  and beautiful free HTML admin template and an amazing Web App UI by the tricycle Labs.



This is just a perfect admin template for CRM and Content Management applications that consists of Tooltips, Buttons, Progress Bar, Tabs and lots many other elements.




  • May 8, 2013
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