Six Excellent Free jQuery UI Customizable Themes

jQuery User Interface (jQuery UI) is the official library of jQuery with official user interface components that help in quickly implementing popularly used widgets and features within a website. The jQuery UI includes Accordion, Date picker, Slider, Drag n Drop Feature, Progress Bar and lots more other add-ons. The best thing about jQuery UI is that it is themeable and you even have the Theme Roller for customizing your own themes with jQuery UI. Nevertheless any customized theme of Theme-Roller will yet smell and have the flavor of jQuery UI which can be noticed in most of the websites. If you are hunting for customizable themes such as Windows Metro Looking or Bootstrap that are free and high quality jQuery themes then there are not too many options and all the possible available Free jQuery UI themes are listed below :

1) jQuery UI Bootstrap Theme

jQuery UI Bootstrap

This novel jQuery UI Bootstrap Theme exhibits the beauty of Twitters Bootstrap onto the jQuery User Interface Widgets. With the help of this theme you not only have the privilege to make use of Bootstrap themed widgets but as well you can make use of most of the Twitter Bootstrap side by wide devoid of having components break visually. This is an awesome theme for all the Twitter Bootstrap lovers as it will transform all the widgets in Bootstrap fashion.

2) Delta UI Theme


This theme makes use of a few @2X images and CSS3 gradients and is regarded as a professional retina ready jQuery user interface theme. This theme is just apt for both light and dark backgrounds. This is among one of the best looking free jQuery UI Themes till date. This theme will act as starting point for smart cookies and will be of great help in creating their personal customized engaging jQuery UI themes.

3) jQUIT Builder


This is similar to the Theme Roller kind of theme generator and is popular for creating Windows Metro Style jQuery UI themes. All you need to do is choose the color options and the theme will be automatically built. JQUIT builder is now available in the beta version that will let you create custom jQuery UI themes just like the jQuery UI Theme Roller. This is an helpful alternative for people who find it difficult for creating good looking themes with Theme Roller. The implementation of jQUIT builder is completely based and inspired by Theme Roller.

4) Selene


This theme consists of various styles for jQuery UI Widgets and is a theme encompassed with light colors. Selene is stunning and sleek jQuery UI theme with a complete set of widgets that are styled carefully with ease and appear to be very nice with availability in diverse color combinations.

5) Aristo


For individuals who are not on familiar terms with jQuery UI it is a collection of a set of jQuery plug-ins that render user interaction just like the way jQuery did for JavaScript. JQuery UI is just ideal and perfect when it comes to cross browser compatibility with ease of implementation and easy to developed customized themes. Aristo is an open source jQuery UI theme by Cappuccino that can be used together with JavaScript libraries. This theme just illustrates the preeminent manner in which jQuery can actually progress with few intelligent designers on board and sacrifice some of their direction.


6) Absolution


This theme makes use of perfect CSS3 and is a mobile inspired theme that has a neat and clean look. If you are looking forward to find a theme that is handy and want to get the same feel as that of desktop and jQuery Mobile then Absolution is just ideal jQuery UI theme for you. There are several websites and applications that are now making use of this amazing Absolution jQuery UI theme so as to customize the look and feel as per their needs.


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