Impressive Reasons to choose WordPress as a Blogging Platform



If you are of the thought that you know everything about WordPress and what it is used for but still are in doubtful state as to what WordPress is capable of doing then this article is a must read for you as this post gives detailed explanation on why one must use WordPress for their website. WordPress is a powerful publishing blogging platform and an open source blog tool which is powered by SQL and PHP. If anybody wants to start up their own website then WordPress is actually a very economical and easy way for beginners in the world of blogging.

Grand Content Management System


WordPress is among one of the best CMS systems which will help you in creating and updating the WebPages with ease on your own  whenever you want. It is easy to add content to your website, events, images and as well products as and when you want without any hassle. Generally people do not want the WordPress developers to maintain their website and pay them money  and this is one of the reasons why they refer to make use of WordPress as a Blogging platform as they can easily add and edit content themselves with it. The best thing about WordPress as a CMS is that people start learning WordPress is just less than few hours as it has functions that are similar to Microsoft WordPress editing functions.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Great Content does not make any sense on your website if it is not able  to fetch sufficient organic traffic. Organic Traffic means visitors to your website who are actually interested in reading the posts on your website and those people who are have searched for something that that they are really interested in. So as to make sure that such readers directly land on your webpage for a specific search you will have to ensure that it is Search engine optimization friendly. Despite the fact that there are several blogging platforms out there the giant search engine Google will crawl WordPress a lot and for this reason the websites which make use of WordPress are going to rank well in the search results age. The reason behind this is that WordPress as a blogging platform is highly SEO friendly because it lets the users easily edit and add content on their website on a daily basis and search engines like Google want to see fresh content updates on their website and generally search for websites that are updated on regular basis. Not only does WordPress provides easy content editing features but as well allows you to easily come u with inbound links , submit comments ,  track backs, ping content that will help in improving the page rank of your website which will in turn increase the organic traffic on your website.

Extended Plug-ins Set

Wordpress Extended Plug-ins

If you want a header that will change color every 5 seconds then you need not worry if you are using WordPress as there is a plug-in for that. If you want to promote the content on your website don’t worry if you are using WordPress as there is a plug-in for that too. If you are excited to know the number of readers on your website right now need not worry as for  that too there is a special plug-in Everything thing that you think of or want to do can be easily accomplished with the help of WordPress by juts using a simple plug-in without any headache for installation. Regardless of the fact that the core functionality of WordPress is just more than impressive but the addition of extended plug-ins will add extra beauty to it and they are just simply out of the box. You can install these plug-ins just with a mere click devoid of any extra cost as they are freely available and installable from within the system.

WordPress – A Great Flexible Open Source Blogging Platform

Open Source


WordPress consists of several things such as Posts, Comments , Trash Boxes, Installation Options, Galleries and lots more other added stuff and all of its features are freely available as an open source. There are several plug-ins which are regularly added and updated in the WordPress Database on a regular basis. Thus the developers have to work as per the industry requirements , standards and trends and this is when WordPress as an Open Source saves the day of the web developers as they can freely use latest technology to code at the rear end of the system and modify  the system, easily with the use of CSS, MySQL , PHP  and other software web technologies. The biggest advantage of WordPress as an open source blogging platform is that there are loads of web developers out there and if they find out any bug in the system under design which can cause threat then they can actually  try to close it as soon as possible.

Media Support

Media Support

If you want your website to appear more classy and appealing then you need to make use of some special effects and this can be achieved with a wide range of flash codes available in WordPress , provision to add slideshows, provision to add audio , images and videos. All these features make WordPress very handy as it has stupendous support for adding jQuery Slideshows, media files and other things such as Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Calendar , Scribd and any other related stuff which can add to the look and feel of your website.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use WordPress

Using WordPress is not more complicated than using Microsoft Word when it comes to adding and editing content on the website. Let us just imaging that if you were to come up with a tweak and by mistake you broke something then you need not worry as WordPress has a large community and support forum with so many moderators who can help you resolve the problem in just matter of seconds or minutes if you post your query. The main goal of this blogging platform is to maintain the website with ease and it does achieve this goal devoid of any complications.


Regardless of the fact that you are Web Developer who is in search of the best all rounder platform to work with or you are a blogger who requires something extra powerful and  easy to maintain or whether you want to design  website that will help you promote the products and services of your company then I can tell you confidently that WordPress is the Way to Go for you as I use it for all my projects for the sole reason that it makes my life and the clients much more happier.

  • June 11, 2013
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