Enhance Your Web Typography with the Best in Class jQuery Typography Plugins


Typography is a vital element of any website and it is this element which is often overlooked when it comes to web. Web Typography has tremendously enhanced and all thanks to the wide range of custom font solutions that are available such as the various Google Fonts and @ font face however there is still scarcity over type in various desktop & design publishing applications. Typography Plugins

As soon as the first jQuery Plug-in was developed the web developers and programmers all over the world were trying to impress each other by inventing various jQuery Plug-ins. Now you can see that there are thousands of plug-ins which are developed for adding uniqueness and functionality to the websites. There are several jQuery Typography Plugins which have some out-of-the-way features and will allow users to manipulate the web text the way you want.

If you would like to tune the typographic elements on your web page then you can make use of the various jQuery Typographic Plug-ins that are available. You can make use of these jQuery Typographic Plugins right from simple font scaling , replacing the fonts , glow fonts , ghost typing fonts, flickering and what not. All the jQuery Plug-ins can be used with ease just by mere click of a mouse which will make your resource unforgettable.

This post will outline the top notch web typography jQuery plug-ins that will help you in fine tuning your type and add some cool effects to your website which will make your website reach a high level of typographic sophistication and elegance.


If you want to facilitate Radical Web Typography then Lettering.js is the jQuery Plug-in which will allow you set attention grabbing and dynamic typography which would be highly difficult or impossible to be achieved with the use of other methods. The ultimate goal of Lettring.js is to provide the designers with total control on the type of a web page right down to the modification of individual letters.


Typographic Rhythm is a very famous concept in typography which aims at spacing and arrangement of elegant , easy-to-read type. The concept is taken and well implemented in the world of Typography that the relationship between the space and text in any document helps in the creation of a visual rhythm that has an affects on the overall readability and tone of the document. In any web page when the body of the content is mixed with the tables , block quotes , images or any other elements it actually becomes quite difficult to maintain the vertical rhythm without making any sacrifice on the content editing part and flexibility. It is the jMetronome plug-in that will make it easier for the designers to maintain typographic rhythm on a web page devoid of having to add any non textual elements.


If you are using Adobe Photoshop and doing some kind of graphic design then creating a line of text scale so as to fit in the width of all the parent elements is a mere cake walk but if you would like to achieve the same effect with Web Typography then FitText is the jQuery plug-in that you will need. This plug-in really is remarkable in particular when it comes to building responsive websites. For instance if you would like to create a responsive text based logo in that case you can make use of this FitText plug-in which will help you to create a text based logo with ease and that can fit to screen of any size.

jqIso Text Plug-in

jqIso Text
This typography plug-in is used for creating an arching effect wherein the letters of the targeted text element will increase in size as you approach the center & after that it will slowly taper off as you move on to the last character. This plug-in impersonates all its abilities to the best and creates a reflective and isometric appearance. jqIso Text Plug-in is a single purpose and interesting plug-in that is widely used for grabbing the attention to important text content vie distinctive design principles.

Type Butter Plug-in

There are several jQuery Plug-ins that will help you to squeeze the kerning of your web type however most of them require you to provide direct input for moving each letter individually. If you are in search of a rapid and simple way then you must use the Type Butter Plug-in. You just have to spread it over the type on your website & this plug-in will automatically override the default values of the web browser with optical kerning that will appeal to your eyes visually. The default fonts supported by this plug-in include Helvetica, Arial , Verdana, Georgia ,Times however one can as well roll out the fonts that they need based on their requirements.

  • June 26, 2013
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