11 Top jQuery Carousel Plug-ins to Display Content in a Usable Manner


The most common challenge that people face in any web design and development project is that discovering a way to display pertinent content in a usable and appealing manner. Carousels are generally used for displaying videos , text and images. If you are having sufficient time during the development of your website then you can make use of the jQuery Carousel Plug-ins to create your own carousel.

In the terminology of web design and development , a jQuery Carousel is referred to as a component that gives all the visitors simple, easy and visible access to all the content items. Carousel is nothing but more of a list of items which keep scrolling dynamically in a horizontal pattern whilst displaying the next and the previous items partially. So with the use of jQuery Carousels you can scroll back and forth the HTML content with videos , images , etc having animated transitions or without animated transitions.

One of the strongest web design trends nowadays is to make use of the sliding horizontal panels namely the Sliders or Carousels for featuring the top content on the website. If you want to enhance the usability of your website and slot in the users on your website then using carousels is one of the effective methods for doing so. One of the reasons why this has become a web design trend nowadays is because of the arrival of jQuery which has made it more or less a “Walk in the Park” to put in a jQuery Image Slider Plug-in or a jQuery Carousel to any website. There are several scripts and jQuery Carousel Plug-ins available and it becomes difficult for people to choose the best ones.

This post on WDJ is created only with the intent to help the developers and designers get started with the use of jQuery Carousel Plug-ins. Here is a list of the most popularly used jQuery Carousel Plug-ins and each of this plug-ins has its own set of features and different options for customization.

Agile Carousel jQuery Plug-in

Agile-Carousel jQuery Plugin

This jQuery Plug-in can be customized as per your needs and is mainly used for Agile Web Development. Agile Carousel Plug-in is written from the scratch inculcating all the jQuery UI effects & other novel features such as “Control Sets” have been added to have more customizable setup.


Barousel jQuery Carousel Plug-in


This is a simple jQuery Carousel Plug-in that will let you create simple carousels wherein each slide in the Carousel is defined with the help of any image and any other kind of related content. There are several customization options available to the designer for customizing the Carousel as per their requirements.

3D Carousel –Advanced jQuery Carousel Plug-in

3D Carousel

The regular license cost of this plug-in is 6$ and this is a highly powerful jQuery Carousel Plug-in rendering support for both XML and HTML Markup. If you want to arrange a collection of images in a cool carousel layout then you can do this with the use of this plug-in.

WOW Slider


With this Slider or Carousel Plug-in you can put in amazing visual effects such as Ken , Basic Linear , Rotate , Stack Vertical , Blur , Flip and lots more other effects along with a few professionally created templates. You can create incredible and extraordinary sliders in no time devoid of having to do image editing and coding with the point-and-click wizard this WOW Slider has.


Touch Carousel

Touch Carousel

If you are looking for a lightweight and mobile friendly jQuery Content Slider that supports touch navigation for both desktop and mobiles then you might be very much interested in the Touch Carousel Plug-in as it can be used as an Image Gallery, Carousel and Banner Rotator. This plug-in has several out of the ordinary features that make it unique in its own way such as Physics based Scrolling, Hardware Accelerated Quick CSS3 Transitions, Free Scroll Mode and Paging and several others that might be needed for top notch design.


Photo Store Minimal Carousel

Photo Store Minimal Carousel

If you wish to add a minimalistic Carousel to your website then this plug-in is a simple and clean solution to do it with a premium price tag of just five dollars. There are four different slider styles and carousels with this plug-in available in eight color combinations.

Boutique Carousel

Boutique Carousel

This is an ideal premium plug-in especially for online stores to exhibit their novel products. You can make use of this script to present your images in a smooth , distinct and customized manner. You can customize the CSS settings to go well with your style , purpose and requirements.

Showbiz Business jQuery Carousel Plug-in

Showbiz Business Carousel jQuery Plugin

If you want to show off the content in a carousel format then this is the most premium option to do so. This business Carousel Plug-in is available in both light and dark versions. You can show off the portfolio items , blog content and services with the Showbiz Carousel Plug-in.


Elegant Carousel

Elegant Carousel

This is a unique jQuery Carousel slider that will allow you to select among 2 varying effects and 2 varying orientations. The best thing about the Elegant Carousel plug-in is that one can adapt the carousel slider as per your requirements with the CSS.



In order to slide items in vertical and horizontal order you can make use of this simple jQuery Script. You can scroll back and forth all the static HTML content or load it with or without the use of Ajax.


Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery

Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery

Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery is an eye catching gallery with scrollable full screen preview and scrollable thumbnails. You can use this plug-in to work effectively with thumbnails at the bottom of the page so that it will automatically scroll when anybody moves the mouse. If you click a thumbnail it will move to the center of the page ensuring that the full screen image is loaded in the background.

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