7 Standard Mobile Frameworks to Ease your Mobile App Development


Regardless of the fact that how you measure things you need to understand that Mobile Computing is drastically advancing. Ad Impressions, Daily Usage, Cellular Subscriptions, Smartphone Penetration , Mobile App Sales , Search Traffic all are up. It looks the smartphones will completely overtake all the laptops and desktop computers and become the primary means of computing in the future. Mobile Frameworks

This great enhancement in the world of  Smartphones has paved way for amazing opportunities for Software Developers along with some great challenges. The outburst of all the mobile devices and platforms has created an exceptional level of crumbling and this is going to get worse much before it gets better. It is estimated that the development of a mobile app, testing and distribution of the mobile app over various platforms or different gadgets is going to be sky rocketing in budget.

With great demand and increase in popularity of mobile applications this industry is continuously advancing and expanding. The usage of Mobile Applications  is increasing drastically across all the mobile platforms due to innovation in Mobile Phone Technology. The innovation and expansion of Mobile Apps has created a great excitement in all other sectors such as Order Tracking , Ticket Purchases , Factory Automation , Banking,  Location Based Services (GPS) and all others have made mobile application development more of a challenge.

There are several decisions to be made when you think of Mobile Web Application Development. Even much before you write the first line of code for mobile application you will have to make a choice on the best kind of Mobile Frameworks. For example the first decision that you will have to make when it comes to Mobile Web Development is whether you want to go with Native Applications or Web Applications. If so then you will have to make a decision on whether you need to use a mobile framework or not. Nevertheless it would be difficult to answer that you need a mobile framework or not as it depends on the situation.

Here is a list of Mobile Frameworks for Mobile App Development that will help the developers create useful, helpful , innovative and entertaining mobile applications for all the Smartphone lovers. Hoping that all the Mobile Developers will love this list of Mobile Frameworks and it is going to be  in accordance with their needs.

1. Ripple Mobile Framework

Ripple is a web based mobile environment framework for enabling quick development of mobile web apps



2. Joshfire Mobile Framework

Joshfire in an open source mobile framework that can be used for developing web applications



3. Zepto.js

Zepto.js is a JavaScript Mobile Framework  that has jQuery Compatible syntax and the goal of this mobile framework is to have a 2K library which will handle all the essential drudge  that is most needed for a nice application programming interface



4. DHTML X Touch Mobile Framework

DHTMLX Touch is a complete compatible mobile framework that can be used for developing as for all the touch screen devices & the apps that are built with this framework will function smoothly on Android, iPad and iPhone

DHTMLX Touch Framework


5. iUI Mobile Framework

iUI is  a mobile framework that will be of great use when developing web applications for all the high end gadgets and iPhone class devices

iUI Mobile Framework


6. Kendo UI Mobile Framework

Kendo UI Mobile Web Framework has a very simple and easy to use consistent programming interface , rich jQuery Based Widgets , a MVVM framework , templates, rock solid Data Source Validation,  Themes …

Kendo UI Mobile Framework


7. M Project Mobile Framework

The M project is a novel HTML5 and JavaScript mobile framework that is available as an open source. This mobile framework is developed by M- Way solutions  who have the expertise in developing Mobile Enterprise software. The M project mobile framework …

M Project Mobile Framework

  • September 6, 2013
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