Fuel PHP – Framework to Speed Up Website Development

Fuel PHP Framework

If you are looking for a flexible, simple and PHP 5.3 community driven framework then Fuel PHP Framework is the one for you based upon the ideas of various other PHP frameworks with a fresh start. Fuel PHP has completely a different approach to various other frameworks  making this framework a community driven by 60 web developers in no less than six months and that too with a great documentation.

It has been  observed that any developer who uses this framework will have the capability to identify bugs , resolve them & send pull requests for the defects and suggestions for various other novel features. The community of this framework does not operate on the “US vs. THEM” concept but is rather a collective group of web developers sharing their ideas to improve this tool and add on more and more novel features.

Fuel PHP

The most important requirement for any framework is the need for complete and clear documentation which most of the frameworks do not have and are still struggling to achieve this but with Fuel PHP you can be at ease when it comes to documentation as it has everything to assist you with. The documentation of Fuel PHP has almost everything that is needed such as the Methods, Classes and lots more.

Glance at the Features of Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP Framework Features

  • Fuel PHP is a modular framework with great extensibility as every class in PHP can be extended  devoid of having to modify even one single line of code when it is being used. You can add in more functionality into the packages and replace or extend them with PHP Core. Apart from this it is possible to divide your application into various modules so that you reuse your code efficiently.
  • Fuel PHP is a MVC framework which has complete support for HMVC as a part of its architecture. The best thing about Fuel PHP is that  you can add a strong powerful layer between the View & the Controller  through the View Models or the Presentation Models. You can route directly to closures with Fuel PHP.
  • The extraordinary Views of Fuel PHP  will encode your output by making it highly secure and preventing it from XSS attacks. If you want to use  HTML then you will have to explicitly mark it as safe  or have it cleaned by default. Various security features  provided by Fuel PHP are SQL Injection Prevention , Input Filtering , CSRF Token Protection , URI Filtering , Output Encoding  and XSS Filtering.
  • Fuel PHP makes the best use of the power of the command line through its Oil utility which is meant for increasing the efficiency , speeding up the web development , assist in debugging and testing the application. Oil utility supports Interactive Debugging , Scaffolding, Code Generation , Admin Generation , Run Database Migrations and lots more.
  • Fuel PHP framework has specialized base classes  such as the Controller Hybrid, Controller Template , Model Crud , Controller Rest etc for both Models and Controllers for you to have a flying start.
  • Fuel PHP makes a balance between powerful features of programming whilst keeping it light weight. You can do CRUD operations whilst working with the Object Oriented approach on your database.
  • It is a great Authentication Framework that will satisfy everyone as it has a set of default interface drivers which will adhere to the Authentication standards. This frameworks lets the web developers share their personal implementations so that others can make use of the m as drop in replacements devoid of having to make any changes.
  • September 27, 2013
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