Efficient Crash Report Management with the QuincyKit iOS Framework

If you are among all those users who get angry about all the crashes when downloading great android applications and end up writing angry reviews on iTunes about those apps. You get angry because you cannot contact the developers who has made such a buggy app. QuincyKit is an iOS framework that will allow the entire Mac OS and iOS Developers to get the crash reports of the web applications they have developed. These crash reports will be generated automatically by all the Mac OS X and will be sent by default to Apple but not to the web developer of the web app. On iOS you will not find any equivalent solution by cons however the system as well generates various reports which can be accessed via xCode. On the client side Quincy Kit is a framework which is compatible with the rules of the application store so that you can add them to iOS App Store and Mac App Store applications.


The  Quincy Kit Library has all the functionalities so that it will provide all the data that is needed for the web developers to find out why a particular application has crashed and as well will make that information available to the application next time it starts up to sure that the application reacts in a appropriate manner the next time it starts up. The latest version of this provides the users with the privilege to send the data directly to the developer. The user will be asked whether he wants to send the data anonymously or not and he or she can select the option they want and from next time whenever a similar situation occurs that data will be sent automatically to the developer. There is one more enhancement added to the app setting section in the settings from which the user can either set or remove “The Always” setting which will let the users have a glance at the bookmarks of the device if any in case they have used the backup features or they can as well key in their email id so that the developer of the app can contact them.
QuincyKit iOS Framework
The main goal of Quincy Kit is to create a bug free framework though it might not be completely possible to reach it but they want their best to get closer there with all the below mentioned enhanced features and functionality:

  • This helps in live crash report management by collecting crash reports from various web applications so that the apps can report the crash report to the server setup next time when they are restarted.
  • This as well provides statistics by helping you see all the crash reports automatically based on the similar kind of crashed and as well provides the stats on what are the affected OS platforms and version & how each category of crash has developed overtime.
  • Quincy Kit has support for both iOS and Mac OS Platforms.
  • There is a hosted server named Hock yapp for providing hosted solution to the Quincy Kit client with additional features for managing the various crash reports.
  • On the server side crash reports will be collected that are sent by your application so that they can be easily managed and dealt with in an efficient manner by grouping them automatically for easier overview.
  • Quincy Kit has a very simple and easy web user interface with a very easy admin front end for navigation so that you can browse through your apps, their versions and the crash groups.
  • You can add comment to each of the crash group and assign various fix versions.


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