Build Great Games with Sparrow iOS Framework

Sparrow iOS Framework will help you with a lean and focused design in rendering an elegant foundation for iOS frameworks on the aspect of building great games. The best thing about the Sparrow iOS Framework is that the approachable Application Programming Interface of this framework with a small footprint makes it highly performing so that the developer just needs to concentrate on the game and not the other process of development. If you are among those enthusiastic developers who wish to build great games rather than reading books on the subject of game engines to get on familiar terms with their working then Sparrow iOS Framework is your choice. If you are coming from an Action Script Background in that case it is suggested that you choose Sparrow as your route into iOS development.

Sparrow iOS Framework

What makes you choose Sparrow for iOS Development?

  • It is obvious that nobody wants to spend even a single dime and enjoy all the benefits of a framework and Sparrow is a framework that will not cost you even a single dime. You merely need to download the framework and use it as and when you need with no strings attached. For the reason that since it is an Open Source Framework you will have complete control over using this framework since it is at all times in your control to go through the code and learn through the internals.
  • Documentation of the Sparrow framework is thoroughly written making it easy to understand for any beginner and thus you can merely drop in your house engine and concentrate on building great games.
  • There are no tradeoffs with this framework as it is pure objective C Framework which is built for the iPod Touch, iPad Touch or iPhone. It is easy to integrate the already created UIKit as and access all the iOS application programming interfaces directly so that you can take the best advantage in terms of native performance. With Sparrow iOS framework you can stop your black box development and gain complete control.
  • Sparrow is a very popular API with mind blowing performance. If you have used Starling then you will find great ease in using this framework as this framework makes use of similar naming schemes and concepts. You need not bother much even in case if you are coming from a different background as you are likely to get the hang of it very quickly for the reason that everything is designed in a very easy and intuitive manner. Sparrow renders everything through OpenGL calls and thus exposes the maximum potential of the hardware making it fast.
  • Sparrow is powered by a huge community that helps its users in providing extensions, tutorials and various tips in case you get stuck somewhere and is proven by the App Store. You are likely to get great support through the most active and friendly community.

Advantages of Using Sparrow iOS Framework

  • It is very easy to learn unless you seem to be an experienced Python Developer.
  • This framework is being revised time to time and is under active development to meet all the novel challenges with iOS development.
  • Sparrow Framework is similar to the framework in Flex or Flash which are nice graphics framework and their event system is very nice when compared to the official iPhone framework which makes it easier to detect the touch events.

Disadvantages of Using Sparrow iOS Framework

  • There is no support for PVRTC
  • There is no integrated particle system or physics engine.
  • Lastly it is less feature rich when compared to other iOS frameworks.

Sparrow is meant for highly action script friendly developers. For example you have the privilege to make use of a Top left origin for the screen in your code and the Sparrow iOS framework will make the switch for you. The Sparrow Team has recently updated that Apple is not going to allow them to implement the Push Notifications via their VoIP framework just the way they did for their earlier versions of the App. Hence now the Sparrow Community is making efforts to build their notification support on the server end. Thus after this update comes in the users of Sparrow will have to make annual subscriptions if they wish to send push notifications. Sparrow has been regarded as the “Best Email Client for iPhones” due to its appropriate label management, localization in 9 different languages, bug fixes and landscape mode.

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