Glance at the Rich Feature Set of Cocoa iOS Framework

Cocoa is a framework that is meant for both OS X Operating System and the iOS platforms which can be used on Multi Touch devices such as the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone. This framework consists of a set of object oriented software libraries, integrated web development environment and a runtime system.

The object oriented libraries of the Cocoa Framework will provide a runtime environment for all the applications that are running on iOS and OS X. Cocoa framework is considered as the most excellent in providing applications environment for all the iOS and OS X Apps. Most of the applications namely the Safari, Mail are the Cocoa applications. There is an integrated development environment which is known as the XCode that helps in application development for both the platforms thus making it easy for the web developers to create a full featured and well factored application.

Cocoa framework can be presented in two different aspects one is the development aspect and one is the runtime aspect. Development aspect is the face which creates more interest in the web programmers rather than the runtime aspect. In case of the Runtime aspect, the Cocoa applications will present the UI and will tightly integrate them with various other visible components of the iOS. When it comes to the development aspect Cocoa framework has a suite of subject oriented software classes that will help you to quickly build full featured and robust iOS applications? The classes present in the Cocoa Framework library are adaptable & reusable so that one can either use them as is or they can extend these classes through inheritance as per their needs.

Cocoa Framework

When it comes to programming efforts Cocoa gives the web developers lots that is free and lots that is at low-cost however in order to make yourself a good Cocoa Developer you will have to be on familiar terms with all the latest design patterns, development tools , novel concepts , programming interfaces and lots more. As they say familiarity with a framework generates more productivity. Generally programming becomes a huge workout especially when it comes to assembling the various programming components provided by Cocoa together with the custom objects and the code that will define the particular logic of the program.

There are Cocoa classes for each and every feasible development necessity starting from the user interface objects to the data formatting. In case if you feel that your development need has not been projected you can immediately create a subclass of an already existing class which can meet your requirements.

Want to know how Cocoa iOS Framework adds value to your Applications? Read On…

  • Cocoa has Rich Set of UI Objects. If you are developing the user interface of your application in that case you need not worry about the readymade objects as there are several objects available in the library of Interface Builder for Web Development. So it is pretty easy you merely need to drag an object from the interface library onto the region of your interface, configure the attributes and directly connect it with the other objects on your interface.
  • With Cocoa Framework you can engage in event driven behavior and management of applications. You will not have to deal with the events directly or transmit any drawing commands to the rendering library as this framework has all the features of a basic standard iOS framework.
  • This framework as well has technologies which will support various user interfaces along with those which help in performing validation, promote accessibility and help in establishing the connection between objects in the user interface.
  • Cocoa allows you to send the URL’s to the web applications so as to handle the referenced resource and as well has support for engaging in various user interactions and system interactions with the various files inside the local system or for setting up notifications.
  • You can draw custom views with effective and efficient frameworks for locking graphical focus and identifying views as dirty. There are various views in Cocoa for generating PDF stuff, drawing Bezier paths, carry out all sorts of affine transforms and lots more.
  • Cocoa framework has programmatic support for memory management, concurrency, run loop manipulation, multithreading and lazy loading of various resources just to increase the performance of the application.
  • Cocoa has extensive support for rendering text and this is possible through the stylish and classy text system in which you can do complex task such as controlling the ligatures and kerning, embedding images inside the text, spell check, evaluate regular expressions and simple text display that is editable.
  • This iOS framework as well provides several programmatic interfaces which will help you to communicate with various servers vie the sockets or the standard TCP/IP protocol so that you can make the best out of the Bonjour that will allow your application to discover the services of an IP network.

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