7 Wondrous PHP Frameworks that will help you make Wonders

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PHP language is being used widely as a strong and powerful programming language that will let all the web developers to build huge web applications. Regardless of the fact that there are other scripting languages apart from PHP such as Ruby and ASP, PHP has gained wide popularity in web application development with time. With PHP language being implemented in most of the web applications of the modern era there are no plans for this language to back down. PHP Frameworks

The popularity and demand of PHP language is defined by its ease of nature to use and learn it when compared to other scripting languages. If you are reading this post on WDJ then it is for the reason that you are very much excited and interested in knowing how to do programming with PHP or it could be the fact that you by now have PHP in your programming weapon store. This post about PHP Framework is definitely going to be of great help to all the advanced PHP programmers’ ad novice users of PHP.

Much before we jump into the lystical organization of PHP frameworks it is actually very much important to understand what a PHP framework is all about and what it can do. We can define PHP Framework as a foundation platform for developing various web applications or in other terms it can be described as a basic platform which provides structure to your web application. By making use of a top notch PHP Framework one can save lot of time devoid of having to write repetitive code and thus enabling the developers build applications quickly. If you do not have a PHP framework in place in that case it becomes difficult for anybody to produce web applications as they will have to repeatedly code in PHP. You will as well need to establish a connection between the database and the application you develop from the scratch. Thus by the use of a PHP Framework you can ease out this task by ensuring connectivity.

One important thing that you all need to know about PHP is that it is based on the Model View Controller which is an architectural pattern that is featured in most of the programming languages that separates your programming language from the user interface. It is the domain logic which will deal with the information transfer between your user interface and the database thus you can easily make changes to the domain logic and the UI separately if you are a designer so that you can get rid of the entire confusion and ease the developmental process. If you can actually make sense on how the MVC architecture actually works in that case PHP frameworks are going to become much simpler and easier to use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a PHP Framework

If you are looking for a PHP Framework in that case it can be a little confusing with the fact that what you need your PHP Framework for and what your PHP framework already has bundled in it for the reason that all the PHP frameworks do not offer similar kind of support for communities, databases and easy to use documentation. Nevertheless if you come across a PHP framework that you are comfortable working with in that case you need to know that there are going to be a variety of features with each framework and various advantages which will come along with it.


When you are choosing a PHP framework you need to keep in mind that it should have a strong community not merely in terms of the members in the community but as well when it comes to activity and helpfulness. Regardless of the fact that if it is a small community it does not matter as long as you are getting the required help and support.


 Database Support plays a very vital role when it comes to a PHP framework. Thus based on which database you prefer to choose for your web project at hand you will have to accordingly choose the desired PHP framework for your project to ensure that the database server will support this kind of database.


This is a must have requirement for almost all the PHP frameworks nowadays. Most of the top notch PHP frameworks these days offer various helpers; libraries and extensions thus choose a framework which has at least a minimum of two options.


You should simply stay away from PHP frameworks which do not offer good documentation or user guide. You ought to make sure that the PHP framework that you choose to use for your web development project should have up-to-date documentation with a comparatively easy to use user guide.

Here is a glance at seven of the best in class PHP Frameworks that might be of great use in developing web applications :

PRADO PHP Framework


PRADO PHP is an open source PHP web programming framework for developing professional web applications. PRADO abbreviates to PHP Rapid Application Development Object Oriented. PRADO is allows event driven programming through its component based model

Cake PHP

Cake PHP

Cake PHP has clean MVC coding pattern which helps in a great way in separating the business logic from the presentation and design. The coding pattern of this framework is divided into three layers namely the Controller is for implementing the Business Logic, the View Layer is for implementing the GUI and the Model Layer is for implementing the database application and each of these layers functions independent of each other making the whole process of web development faster , less complex and smooth

YII Framework


YII is an open source PHP framework for web application development with highly optimized performance this making it ideal for all kinds of web projects.YII PHP Framework has impressive and high performance


Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP has completely a different approach to various other frameworks  making this framework a community driven by 60 web developers in no less than six months and that too with a great documentation


Zend Framework


The components of the Zend Framework within the standard library make it an extensible and powerful PHP framework



The ultimate goal of CodeIgniter is to help the web developers complete their projects on time at a much faster pace rather than having to write code from the scratch


Symfony Framework Architecture

Symfony as a PHP Framework is completely  configurable through  the Event Dispatcher and Dependency Injector. Symfony is completely adaptable as all the bricks of this framework are independent of each other

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