Android App Development Made Easy with Top Notch Android Frameworks


Before we jump into discussing about Android Frameworks you ought to have a better understanding on as to what is Android. It is nothing but software that is meant for the mobile devices that has an OS, middleware and other key applications. Android Frameworks offer various tools and application programming interfaces which are required for developing mobile web applications on the Android Platform.

Android Frameworks help you reuse and replace various components. By incorporating Android Frameworks you can enjoy a rich development environment which consists of a device emulator, different tools for debugging, performance and memory profiling and lots more.

Android has captured the world of Mobile Web Application Development and there are so many companies that have gained success in the world of mobile application development by moving in with Android Application Development Projects.

For the reason that Android is an open source environment it is in great demand and there are several mobile web developers who are putting in their best efforts to make the best use of the Android Frameworks. Though most of the startups in the world of mobile application development depend on free application development tools and technologies, it is actually very easy for them to take up projects that are Android Based as there are so many free Android Frameworks available for meeting the demands of the customers.

Mobile Web Developers who develop Android Applications depend on Java Language importantly through the Scripting Layer for Android which is used for constantly coding applications in Perl, Python and various other environments.

With the latest enhancements in the Android platform more and more number of  web developers are trying to grab an opportunity for developing Android apps by suing best in class Android Frameworks because the latest versions of Android Support  Adobe AIR Technologies and Adobe Flash. Android Frameworks provide the web developers an environment for writing, debugging and testing the mobile applications.

Android Applications developers make use of the Android Framework Application Programming Interfaces and make the best out of the plenty of C and C++ libraries that consist of 3D Libraries, System C Library, SGL Graphics Engine, SQLite and so many other technologies.

You can customize the development of your Android Applications with the use of Android Framework so as to enhance the quantity and quality of your Android Mobile Applications. By employing best in class Android Frameworks and Android Emulators you can be assured that the debugging and testing process is performed smoothly resulting in the creation of an environment that will simulate the features of the Operating System along with the Mobile Device.

Android app developers utilize the Android framework APIs and take advantage of a plethora of C/C++ libraries. The libraries include System C library, SQLite, SGL graphics engine, 3D libraries and some others technologies. Mobile Application Developers who work with Android Framework can sell out their mobile solutions or as well promote then on any website.

There are so many Android Frameworks available that are being used for the creation and distribution of Android Apps by the web developers across the world. If you check out the Google Play Store you will find near about more the 300000 Android Applications which proves that Android is catching up fast in popularity. Android Platform has extended all its wings in the world of Mobile Web Application Development and is rapidly expanding for tablet PC’s also.

If you are aiming to develop complex web applications then we have gathered the list of top seven Android Frameworks for you that will help you develop robust and commercial Android Compatible Mobile Web Applications:



Unity as an Android Framework helps you in designing artistic exquisite details in your game with the Unity’s Audio, Shadow, Light and other special effects. Developers can not develop great game plays across variable global platforms with the help of the framework’s efficient multi platform publishing feature



Titanium as an Android Framework makes use of a unified JavaScript Application Programming Interface along with certain platform specific features in conjunction with native performance.  It is a solution that helps you develop mobile web applications devoid of having to learn programming code for each of the individual platforms



Xamarin as an Android framework is completely featured and has access to all the common Android Application Programming Interfaces. You can make the best out of the total spectrum of all the functionality rich features provided by this framework


Basic 4 Android

Basic 4 Android

It is a powerful and easy rapid application development framework for developing top notch native Android Applications with supreme features. It is a complete integrated development environment and programming language that is completely concentrated towards Android Development



TheAppBuilder Framework

This android framework is regarded as the world’s top most leading platform for mobile app web development with 321428 mobile apps and it is still counting on to many more. You can build your mobile application once with TheAppBuilder Framework and after that continue to distribute your mobile app on different platforms with ease


Sprout Core


This framework will revolutionalize the manner in which you think about developing web applications and you will be amazed when you get you get to know that you have to write very little amount of code

Phone Gap


The best thing about Phone Gap is that it will help you cut down on the development time by allowing you to reuse the existing web dev skills, tools and frameworks

These frameworks listed above will be of great help to you in developing Android Applications for various processors .These Android Frameworks will help you focus on Performance Management, GUI Design, Debugging and Testing. Nevertheless when making a choice amongst the Android Frameworks you should consider some important factors such as the various technologies that it supports, whether it is paid or free, whether it is cross platform compliant or not, support for recompiling, conversion to native apps, Enterprise Data Synchronization and lots more.

We are sure you will be able to develop scalable and robust mobile web applications by employing one of these frameworks in your development process.

  • December 2, 2013
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