7 Web Applications Using HTML5 and CSS3 Extensively


Even though HTML5 is years old, the curiosity of HTML5 and CSS3 might have been lost but there are still several web apps that make the best use of HTML5 and CSS3 to do something flamboyant and flashy so as to make their presence felt in an extraordinary way on the web.

The web developers have been grateful to the innovation of HTML5 and CSS3 as they have paved way for interactive logic strategy in the programming world. The best thing here is that the web developers need not put in much effort they simply need to add some additional HTML tags for rewriting the web page in HTML5.

The benefit of using HTML5 and CSS3 is that you can crush in latest and novel features one by one devoid of having to ask the users to go through all of the pain of upgrading.

Almost all the web programmers are in love with HTML5 as they feel it is easy to add some extra tags just at the right place rather than learning any new language to get add on effects. Not only the web programmers but as well the managers are in love with HTML5 and CSS3 because it is now easy to just install an application on the desktop browser and forget about all other additional boxes in the workspace.

Managers need not to seek the permission of the mobile phone manufacturers to dive into their web store .As well usage of this technology comes at a very economical price for the reason that web designers are comparatively low priced to programmers.

We all are aware of the fact that the dreams to popularize HTML5 arouse long back but just the time to realize this was long and now you can find so many web applications that are interactive on the web just because of HTML5, CSS3 and Cloud.

In this piece of writing we will walk you through the 7 dominant web application that are making the best use of HTML5 and CSS3 without depending on the web technologies so as to deliver valued applications to the users.

1) HTML5 Slide Apps

HTML5 Slide Apps

You will find near about six to seven HTML libraries that are used for developing slide decks using HTML in preference to Microsoft PowerPoint. Some such libraries are Reveal.js, Presenation.js, Fathom.js and Impress.js which have text and images swooping and swirling around the screen that makes your presentation out of the date and somewhat boring to the users which will make your audience dozes off to sleep.

The basic functionality of HTML5 Slide Deck app is to make use of the fundamental HTML for laying out the slides in the DIV’s by providing the right coordinates and as you move through the program these slides will make use of the web kit transforms to modify the viewpoint of these DIV’s by turning, panning, twisting and rotating options in 3 dimension. So when you design your slides it is easy to use all the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features in the canvas object and the layout engine. This approach has become quite easy and impressive with the use of HTML5 and CSS3 as you merely need to cipher the message in HTML by making use of ordinary tags and fonts and all other functionalities will be performed by JavaScript.

2) Zoho


You will find near about thirty three applications in Zoho out of which some are fundamental productivity applications like the Word Processor, Zoho CRM application which is somewhat similar to the structured databases that are used for saving users, clients or customers information. The best thing about Zoho is that it has discovered the manner on how to work with Google Apps so now the users make the greatest use of both the compilations.

The tools of Zoho are dependent on different parts of HTML5 specification however less than that you possibly will expect. The editing tools of Zoho do most of the layout work by making use of well designed CSS3 rules .The form builder of HTML5 tool set will allow you to drag and drop elements in place.

3) Hoot Suite


Hoot Suite discovered that HTML5 is a natural platform to interweave all the social networks in our lives. In short we can term that Hoot Suite makes use of the web to combine with the web. This web application makes use of the HTML5’s local storage value or key database in a broad manner to store the information and restrict the total traffic on the site. Hoot Suite is best suited for mobile users who make use of a metered plan to connect with the Web.

4) Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The HTML5 Canvas tag and most of its drawing features form the core of Angry Birds application just similar to other HTML5 games such as the Atari Arcade that was developed by Microsoft. The schedule of the canvas tag provides everything to the programmers for drawing the artwork of the game.

5) Scribd


Scribd was developed as a sophisticated flash web application for reading documents on the go. The main aim of Scribd is to become the warehouse for all the documents on the web and it was only Flash that provided the precise placements and font support for rendering data accurately on the documents produced. However now with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 it has been possible for Scribd to replicate the same with HTML5 through Canvas and Web Fonts. With the enhancements in web fonts it is possible for Scribd to imprison the fonts in a better manner in all its documents. As well the enhanced HTML5 Canvas tag allows Scribd to sketch the bitmaps and all other letters at any random position on the screen.

6) Google Docs


As we all are aware that it is the Google Drive and Google Docs that are doing everything that we need to do on the web. The most part of these applications make use of basic HTML5.The mouse clicks drive all the actions and figures, tables and texts are laid using HTML5.Google Docs are well tuned so that they can function properly with even the previous generation web browsers and now Google has started relying more on HTML5.

7) Aviary


This application makes use of the HTML5’s canvas tag as we all know which is regarded as a complicated addition to HTML is. This standard is used for drawing lines or text and most of the web applications are using this feature of HTMl5 to draw various graphs. However not only this there is a huge collection of tools that are being used to work with image pixels individually.

  • July 1, 2014
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