10 Best Node.js Frameworks For Web And Apps Development


Node.js is counted among one of the most renowned JavaScript runtime utilized for building scalable web applications. Developers across the globe have a liking for Node.js because of the functionalities it offers when developing applications. It is not long since Node.js has been rolled out but the extreme popularity of this runtime tells another story.

The reason behind its extremely popularity is that it eases the creation of real-time, scalable and large-scale applications within short timeframe that is obviously not possible with other frameworks under the same category. The fact that this JavaScript runtime allows app developing with the use of JavaScript only is again recommendable.

In this write-up, we are going to talk about 10 best Node.js frameworks that are most popular among the developers.

1. Mean.js

Mean.js comes to use when there is a requirement of developing web applications by utilizing NoSQL database. Mean.js itself is a full-fledged JavaScript framework that helps in faster app development. There has also been provided a grunt tool to leverage automated testing. Mean’js along with Mean.io together form a part of the mean stack.

2. Total.js

Total.js is counted among one of the modern frameworks that support model-view-controller architect. The best thing about this Node.js framework is that it has got compatibility with a number of client-side frameworks like Bootstrap, Backbone.js and more. Another great feature of Total.js is that no additional tool like Grunt is required for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as well.

3. Koa.js

Koa.js has been termed as the next-gen framework that eases the Node.js app development task. It further increases the productivity by eliminating the requirements of callback functions. It utilizes ES6 generators that make it easy to synchronize the programs in addition to facilitating and upstream and downstream the flow of control.

4. Express.js

Express.js is fast, lightweight and has been developed as a minimal web application framework that has a robust set of features that eases the web and mobile application development requirements. It is absolutely a delight to use Express.js as it is a tested framework that includes database integration, template engines, and much more.

5. Sails.js

Sails.js again comes under the most popular MVC frameworks. It is designed for building custom modern real-time applications having enterprise level. This extraordinary framework utilizes waterline that is used for providing a layer for database and robust object-relation-mapping solution. Another distinguished feature includes its compatibility with all Grunt modules.

6. Meteor

Meteor has got a full stack of frameworks that run on node.js. This framework is one exceptional because of some of the best features it has. It is one of the best node.js frameworks to be used for creating real time web as well as mobile applications. The best thing about meteor is that everything works seamlessly with this framework.

7. Sleek.js

Sleek.js is again an exceptional open-source MVC framework that helps in accomplishing the development of outstandingly designed robust websites. It aids in the development of faster loading web pages that are not only flexible but also user-friendly. Sleek has one wonderful function of enabling modules to extend further as well as to update the existing function.

8. Derby.js

Being a fully-stacked framework, Derby.js has got a data synchronized engine names, Racer that aids in data syncing among database much easier. Racer contributes in order to make Derby.js a really fast framework both in the browser as well as on the server. This further makes Derby.js a perfect choice for single page applications.

9. Diet.js

Technically diet.js is a tiny framework; however, it has got all the robust features to scale the functionality of a number of applications. There are hosts and routers that help developers control multiple hosts and build clean APIs. Being an open-source framework, it allows and excepts the contribution from budding developers.

10. Socket.io

Socket.io is renowned for developing real-time applications. Socket.io is an event-driven framework that allows bi-directional communication between clients and the server as well. Socket.io has been designed to work like a client-side library that runs in the browser and acts as a server-side library for node.js.

There has been a huge demand for node.js powered frameworks as they are making it really easy to accomplish the web application development job for the developers. Some of these frameworks such as Mean.js, Sails.js, etc. are here to stay for longer, making it an absolutely easy job to accomplish the web application development requirement.

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Tom Hardy has remained a successful researcher to find the effectivity of Node.js as a web application development runtime environment while working with Sparx IT Solutions. He ensures that the researched information is shared frequently with readers through engaging posts.

  • June 14, 2016
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