7 Advantages Of Choosing WordPress For E-Commerce Websites


E-commerce has certainly grown in the past few years and today, it powers nearly 45% of the entire web. A large number of customers use the internet to make purchases and this is a contributing factor for increased demand of e-commerce websites.

Now, a million dollar question arises that which platform should be considered for creating the websites. There is no doubt that a number of platforms are available to choose for making websites; however, WordPress leads them all because of a number of factors.

WordPress started its journey as a blogging platform and later developed into a full-fledged content management system. The beauty of this CMS lies in the functions it carries along with it. Being a power-packed platform, WordPress has now become obvious choice for creating e-commerce websites. Here we will be discussing the advantages that WordPress offers when utilized for creating functional e-commerce websites.

Wordpress For ECommerce

1. An open source platform having robust community support

An open source platform welcomes users’ contribution and offers them the opportunity to add to the source code. This keeps the platform growing with the robust support of users. This open source platform, thus managed by the experts from across the world, is working to make WordPress better in function.

The support of vibrating community is another factor that has given WordPress preference over other similar platforms. The community keeps on working to add sleek features in order to offer an exceptional experience to the users. There are no commercial limitations with WordPress and this makes it an exceptional CMS to utilize.

2. Secured and flexible platform

WordPress has a number of plugins that help in making it a secured platform. WordPress official directory offers a number of plugins that can easily be downloaded for free. Being an open-source platform, WordPress is vulnerable to security threats and thus, it gets essential to secure the platform.

WordPress plugins additionally bring flexibility to this content management system. Plugins additionally optimize WordPress platform and make it more flexible and easy to use by the users.

3. An easy to customize CMS

The themes for WordPress are all there to customize as per your preference and requirement. It thus makes the customization task very much easier for the developers. The easy to customize WordPress feature makes it an ideal choice to be utilized for e-commerce website development purposes.

There are no intricate technicalities involved in customizing the platform and thus, even a non-native user can easily perform the tasks. It thus gets easy to work over the platform for e-commerce website development.

4. WordPress supports diverse payment gateways

Plugins are the breathing space of WordPress websites. They are utilized for every single extension added to WordPress. In the case of integrating payment gateways, the users would require adding related plugin. Inclusion of these plugins makes WordPress compatible with various payment gateways. Payment gateways including Google Checkout, PayPal, Stripe, etc. are supported by WordPress.

Addition of security plugins, on the other hand, guarantees the security of the payment done over the WordPress website. Thus, there is no need to worry about unsecured payment issues.

5. Multilingual support

As it has been discussed above, WordPress has multilingual support and it is just not confined to be used in a single language. The WordPress community has worked hard to translate the platform to a number of other languages. The related community keeps on adding new language with every new WordPress version release.

While developing this content management system, the developers keep in mind to follow the W3C standards for result-oriented websites. Creating user-friendly platform is an additional concern that needs to be fulfilled in the development phase only.

6. Ease of e-commerce integration

While working with WordPress, it gets easy to integrate the platform with e-commerce websites. Thus, in the case of migrating any existing site to WordPress, there is no requirement of redesigning the entire website right from the scratch. Installing a related plugin will help in migrating any existing website to WordPress platform.

WordPress is renowned for integrating a website element with another. It makes the WordPress website development an easier job to be performed by the developers.

7. WordPress is extendable

By adding plugins as well as themes, the functionality of WordPress is easy to extend. This offers room for user-centric functions to be added to the website. The best thing about WordPress is that it offers thousands of plugins for free to use. There are a number of themes available to choose as per the requirement of the website.

Another good news about these themes is that they are easy to customize as per the preference. It thus provides an opportunity to add desired functions on the WordPress website.


Having a number of advantages that have been described above, WordPress is just great to be utilized for website development. All the above-mentioned benefits come packed when you choose this platform. Because of the reasons that have been mentioned above, WordPress wins the race against similar content management systems available to use.

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  • August 10, 2016
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