The Most Common Issues Faced By UX Designers


Google’s mobile-friendly updates compel companies to adopt responsive web design that can support a variety of screens. You may have heard that responsive websites enhance User Experience (UX), really? I do not think so. Now comes UX Designers.


Today, web designers across the world are riding the waves of responsive web design. On asking what makes visitors love any website, we got to hear several interesting elements they emphasize on. Most of them say UI; some means content while some say mobile-friendliness.

Wait! What about UX?

No doubt mobile-friendliness, quality content, and enticing UI play a crucial part in the creation of a website, but UX is something that drives visitors to the website again.
However, the irony is UX has always been a critical part of a website, but we started to give it importance now, isn’t it? You know, why?

Everyone is focusing on improving User Interface (UI), and the web is flooded with the plethora of websites that have no match when it comes to UI, but most of them lack at UX. This is the reason that despite having great looks those websites fails to seize the attention of visitors.

UI is an integral part of UX. However, you cannot call it UX by providing little tricky twists to your site’s look and feel. UX is more than look-and-feel. It touches the nerves of visitors. UX is something that makes web experience better for online visitors.

UX design is entirely focused on the way a user interacts with your website. And now companies have started to pay attention towards making their website experiential. Making a website to provide great user experience is not a cakewalk.

Today, a UX designer has faces several challenges to turn a website into a fantastic portal that not only makes you visitors happy but also produce fruitful results for your business.

Let’s check out the snags that UX designers face

Wireframes’ Limitation

Wireframes have always been a top choice of designers when it comes to demonstrating proposed prototypes and under-construction projects to patrons and team fellows. However, you cannot deny that fact that it has limitations. It cannot describe user-journeys and states. Further, there is no feature to accommodate the changes in state and communicate it effectively. Due to which, UX designers face difficulty in showing the progress to the stakeholders.
Annoying Forms

Well, no one likes to fill online forms. Therefore, everyone (not those who rarely fill any form) hates it. For accessing relevant information, online users visit several sites daily where they are asked to fill out irritating forms to gain access to the information they are searching for. In some cases, online users leave websites immediately and switch to another site that has more simple form.

From a business perspective, form filing is pretty crucial when it comes to lead generation. But, there is no shortage of companies who are still not aware about UX. They are simply focusing to revamp their sites by enhancing look and feel which is not an ideal solution. Companies need to realize that without UX they can’t turn things in their favor.

Organizations need to make online form filling a fun-loving activity so that their visitors could enjoy this process while considering it a tedious task. In the situation, UX designers work hard to make form filling process a fun activity by using minimal design, user-centric tone without letting website lose its essence. So, a UX designer removes all the jargon and makes your web form simple yet compelling.

A/B Testing
Yes, a UX designer also faces this snag. A/B testing is a concept that involves creating two or more versions of the same thing to analyze which one is working better, and the one which performs better are declared as the winner.

It is the most important part of a UX designer’s job. They test pages and make changes as per observation and requirement. For this

But, how do they analyze which part of the website they need to focus on?

UX designer take reference of the analytics to identify high performing pages and less performing pages. Hit and trial methods in A/B testing sometimes can prove catastrophic for business.

Handling Stakeholder Stress
UX designs are capable of doing things that others cannot.
They put themselves in visitors’ shoes and look at a site from their perspective so that they could find even small errors to provide a clean and perfect interface which in turn enhance UX.

Apart from it, UX designers handle stakeholders’ stress. Organizations hire UX designers for a reason, and it is the responsibility of UX designer to make every single penny worthwhile by delivering a marvelous website.

Mobile Optimization
UX is not about shrinking or hiding web page content on a mobile interface. A website should be artistically designed to showcase all crucial information on a variety of users’ screen.

A Mobile oriented UX design should be clean and contain all the required information with nicely designed buttons so that users could easily interact with the page.

UX designers often have to face challenges regarding mobiles and their prime job is to ease the tasks, and make interactions natural.

On the Flip Side
It is no hidden secret that in an attempt to fulfill goals; UI designers often use tricks to trap and confuse users. These tricks involve annoying ads, pop-ups, bait-and-switch, and so on. However, it is all done for lead generation and conversion.

That is why a UX designer needs to follow the right path by prioritizing websites for visitors.

In this write-up, I tried to highlight the common UX design issues that UX designers face. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Author Bio
Abhyudaya Tripathi is an avid digital marketer with over 8 years of experience. As an Associate Director at ResultFirst, a Digital Marketing Company, he helps businesses optimize ROI by suggesting the essentials of web design. His area of expertise covers everything that comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. Off duty, he loves to travel and devour delicious Indian street food.

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