Tips to Handle Negative Feedback for Your Mobile App


Feedback from users for your mobile app is as essential as its existence. Only through feedback a lot of things are brought into light including what stature your app has among its users. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the feedback is not necessarily always 100 percent neutral. A few people come with sheer unbiased opinions because their identity is not revealed. Sometime, it becomes extremely difficult to reach to a conclusion that whether they really do so because they hate the product or it is your biggest competitor who is trying to pull you down by spreading negativity about your project.

Who does not love positive comments as they dissolve sugar in ears, but one negative statement shattered the whole castle that we build keeping the mobile app’s future in mind. Negative feedback can be de-motivating and disturbing for a number of enterprise holders, especially new start-ups.


Go through the following study, which is a guide to handle the tremendous pressure caused by negative feedback.

Dissatisfied Customers Decides Your Growth

This is a fact that your users care about anything they write a comment whether positive or negative. This is the reason they give time to writing about it. Whether they have liked your app or not, but the important thing is that they have shared their opinion. It clearly shows that they want you to improve and win over those who are dissatisfied.

To be a successful entrepreneur, bring change the way you generally perceive things. Start considering every single comment as a sign of care. This way you will stay positive all the time. Thank your users and ensure them that their feedback is embraced seriously and required steps will be taken. When such assurance is broadcasted from your end, users feel connected with your mobile app and it ultimately leads to an increase in the loyalty value.

Stop Getting Defensive

It is quite natural that you get to the defensive mode as soon as you receive criticism. However, you must ward off such scenario. You must receive every feedback from users graciously and let them know that their feedback is surely considered. Let’s imagine a scenario when you are wrong, users will undoubtedly walk away listening to your wrong logics.

Even if you are right, users would not understand your point, and they will have a notion that you are confronting them unnecessarily. In both the scenarios, this will lead your app loose a key user who carries the potential to get ten more users through mouth publicity.

Never Forget to Respond

What is extremely vital is to acknowledge users, especially when the feedback is negative. When you first deliver a timely acknowledgement in a positive way to all those people speaking not in favor of your app, they are obligated to get impressed, and might like your app in future.

Go Beyond ‘Call of Duty’ to Solve Problems

A number of times, users do not listen to your apology. They want their issues to be solved straightaway. It is essential to be proactive enough in sorting out their issues, your users will feel free to use your app with the consideration that you are going to back 24×7.

Understand Their Issues Carefully

What makes your communication strong is listening more and saying less. Pay a close attention to every piece of feedback and address it the way it should be. Show your concern or feelings at the perfect time with an inclination towards solving their issues.

Sometimes, when an outside intervention is disturbing their whole experience with your mobile app. You might not be aware of it, but listen to your users discreetly because it will enable you find out the solutions of your hidden issues. Thus, better understanding can make things hassle-free and easy to handle.

Apologize if Users Face Issues

The words of apologies leave a great influence on others. A word of apology has a great power that can melt even the toughest hearts. When apology is conveyed by heart and with a polite note, a sense of relief is experienced by users. It motivates them to build an abiding relationship with your product.

Identify the Wrong Buzz and Handle it carefully

As mentioned earlier, a few people love to hurt your app as well as the brad by having a wrong buzz created just for the sake of fun or other reasons. They hide their identity or spam comments using a fake name simultaneously.
This kind of feedback is like a two-edged blade because despite your truthful characteristic, users might take wrong. In addition, when you get into an argument, your brand image may get affected by such acts. To avoid this, you just have to be polite with each statement you make. After a point of time, such people will get no interest in trolling your app and finally they will leave it.

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  • September 28, 2016
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