9 Social Media and Marketing Tools Recommended for a Business


A business is set up to have a profit by delivering a product or a quality service. The products are developed according to the dire needs of a community or a group of users. And, it takes marketing efforts to reach the said audience that a solution to their problem is made available with this brand. Companies need to use marketing tools and social media platforms to access the users if they are interested in buying the products.
Social media is itself an impressive tool for result oriented marketing activities. The famous social media forums like Facebook, Instagram and twitter have proven useful in connecting people with the existing brands and recognize the new ones.

The online marketing is growing by leaps and bounds as marketers are adding different strategies according to the specific needs of a business. The off-site marketing includes profile creation, business listing, email marketing, and news circulation – which is often performed with tools and plugins such as FMM PrestaShop Newsletter Block module. These additional tools enhance efficiency and productivity of stores by automating some of tasks that may consume hours of the staff.

The social media has also become a major part of marketing and we can not think of avoiding it while adding different strategies to our marketing plans. To reach the audience and keep them engaged, a company needs to share valuable content according to their need and at the time when they are more comfortable reading it.
Creating a balance between a variety of tasks is difficult as the social websites normally allow a few options like drafting or scheduling a post. To go a step further and enjoy your comfort, you can seek assistance from the tools that makes you more productive in managing and monitoring different activities. To streamline the tasks intelligently, we have listed some of the recommended tools below.

1. Agora Pulse


Agora Pulse is one of the amazing tools for streamlining posts on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twiter, and Instagram from a centralized control panel. Business administrators and managers can simply review the reports generated by this tool and plan the next content sharing strategy. It is also one of the effective techniques for reaching targeted audience through content marketing and campaign promotions.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a renowned tool for hassle-free management of different social media channels. This tool is in use by more than 10 million of professional marketers who need to schedule posts and images and evaluate the promotional campaigns with valuable insights. It enhances the productivity of the entire social media team as they can schedule once and focus on developing creative and engaging content for the official company profiles.

3. Bit.ly


Every social media platform has a unique design of showing a link shared with the users. It may auto-generates a preview which the users may not like. To simplify the link structure and prevent the social network from displaying the unwanted website preview, one can use Bit.ly and shorten the URL. It also reports the number of visitors who reached your website through this link, which is helpful in calculating the click through rate of your social media efforts.

4. Oktopost


The marketers can find a great deal of difference between social media management of a small to medium size enterprise and a larger one. Oktopost is one such tool that allows business to scale up their sales by engaging users and converting them into customers. This application aims to bridge the gap of getting leads out of the visitors which was a much-needed concept but lacked in Hootsuite. Hootsuite have impressively helped marketers automate the process of engaging customers with scheduled posts. But Oktopost goes a step further in monetizing user engagement and enhancing revenues.

5. MeetEdgar


Developing a variety of content is a hectic job, because it includes a proper content management plan that starts with idea creation, writing text and developing images or infographics, creating audio and video content, optimizing it to the company rules, editing, approving, scheduling and follow up. MeetEdgar reduces such efforts with brilliantly recycling the content. It minimizes the need to produce tons of content for social media interaction. The recycled content is presented in a way that keeps the pages fresh for longer.

6. Crowd Booster


Crowd Booster is an innovative tool that brings forward useful insights about the user engagement from the social media pages. It is equally beneficial for marketers, advertising agencies and companies to keep track of different profiles and derive customized reports for each project. The analytics are quite helpful in decision making in the highly rewarding content marketing, promotions, and campaigns. It sets the users free from manually evaluating customer engagement because they can benefit from the advanced analytics and other useful features of this tool. The consistent updates also enable the merchants and business owners to decide a schedule for the posts when the target audience is active and willing the respond quickly.

7. Tailwind


Tailwind offers assistance for marketers who are focused on visual outreach, for example, promoting products, services and brands on Pinterest and Instagram. This application has an official affiliation with Pinterest to ease the efforts of marketing enthusiasts. It allows you to create multiple boards, upload images in bulk for each board or pin, and schedule to publish. Insights about the day and time when user engagements are high on posts help the managers quickly decide the entire schedule. Tailwind was founded to assist social media professionals in managing multiple accounts of their valuable clients which made it a demanding tool for the agencies offering SMM and SMO services.

8. Buffer


Buffer, being used by more than 3 million users worldwide, provides a centralized place to manage all of the social channels. It allows users to schedule posts for the later time to grab more of the content rather than sharing them in the office timings when most of the audience are not comfortable to shop around. It makes managing social profiles on Facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest easier.

9. Social Flow


In addition to the social media optimization, most of the businesses select SM marketing campaigns for quick and fruitful results. The Social Flow tool came into practice to help them manage their paid campaigns effectively. It suggests the managers in boosting posts based on the analytics.

Wrapping up

The number of social media users increases day by day, which makes it a mainstream platform for marketers. For effectively using these networks and reach the audience in the way they expect, one needs to select tools that add value to the social interactions. Users and marketing agencies can select any of the above tools after evaluating needs of any specific project.

Author Bio: Alastair Brian writer from “FMEModules” – a brand well known for top of the line reliable PrestaShop Add-ons, themes, extensions and services. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn.

  • October 12, 2016
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