5 Things to Consider When Designing A Logo For Your Startup


Designing a Logo is essential because it communicates your business. A logo is the main
symbol of a brand that people identify. For a startup business, the logo holds a lot of meaning.
The logo will be used as the base when doing all the branding you undertake and speaks about
your business.

As a Startup business, it is not recognisable by people. A good logo design allows you to stand
out and creates a lasting impression with anybody who interacts with your business. Earlier
businesses failed to recognise and utilize the benefits of a good logo. Currently, startups are
working towards coming up a good company logo from the word go.
The Following Are The 5 Things To Consider When Designing A Logo For Your Startup

1. Define your brand identity clearly and the business personality
Although a logo design is essential, you should, first of all, define certain aspects of your startup
before coming up with one. Define the following:-
 The core purpose of your business
 Future expectations of the company
 Company mission, vision, and aim
The logo design should incorporate the current and future aim of the business to avoid costly
Brand personality plays a significant role in the designing process of the logo and also sets the
tone for future branding.

Brand identity helps when choosing the logotype and logo-mark. The logotype is a must for a
business and is made up letters while logo-mark is a symbol communicating your brand.

2. Study what others have done
It is wise to study the work of other companies in the world and what they have achieved using
their logos. The achievers can give inspiration in design based on:
 The choice of color scheme
 Symbols
 Typography
During the study, you should consider your competitors. Learning from your competitors gives
you an idea of what is working, proof of what has worked and what is capturing customers more.
The purpose of studying your competitors should is to come up with a better idea than the rest by
focusing on their flaws and achievements.

3. Engage a professional logo designer
Due to a restricting budget of a startup, there is a possibility of cutting costs. This tendency of
budget cutting should not be applied to your logo design as it the one that will market the
company`s brand.
Professional logo designers will be capable of understanding your requirements and can also
guide you in choosing a great logo. Professionals have a reputation to maintain, and therefore,
they will provide you with the best logo design to their level best.
Professionals also know the secrets of logo design and will cope well with the brainstorming
required before commencement of the work. This helps the designer to have a clear picture of

your needs, thinking process, and targeted goals. Once they understand your brand, they will
make a spectacular logo which you will use in all your branding and marketing means.

4. First Create Your Logo Black And White First
Your logo is for use in different media and backgrounds. There will be many instances which
will require the use of just black and white color, for example, when publishing advertisements
in newspapers, when photocopying company documents and when processing some office
Fax message will also appear in black and white. All these instances will show your logo without
The logo should first be created without colors until it looks memorable, and you are satisfied
with it. After that, fill the logo with the desired colors. This ensures that the business logo is
equally identified and memorable when in colors or black and white.

5. Make Your Logo Flexible And Scalable
Flexibility in the logo design is a must as it will be applicable in all branding of your
organisation. Flexibility may sometimes be viewed as scalability in logo design but essentially it
far wider because it also means adaptability of the logo.
Flexibility means that the logo will be capable of being adapted creatively for different seasons
and specific promotions, for example, when branding for festive seasons or when celebrating
Scalability is the capability of your logo being used from the smallest possible print for in a
classified advertisement to the largest size on the billboards. Your logo should not distort with

variation in size. You can ensure scalability by insisting your designer to present you with
different sizes of the logo for print. Some images, when adjusted their size lose their clarity and

Logo design is not only the most critical part for a startup because a good logo without proper
business foundation will eventually fail. A well thought entrepreneurship idea should be backed
up with a face that makes it visible to the world at large. A good logo does just this for a startup
business which has also taken into consideration all other factors required for a brilliant business

  • July 28, 2019
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