4 flawless WordPress Plugins for Employee Management

Keeping your employee management in check is an important part of running a business. Larger corporations utilize intranets to build internal corporate communications best practices, but smaller companies and startups might be looking for a more lean solution until they have the ability to develop intranet solutions of their own.

For organizations that use WordPress, there are several plugins you can take advantage of to help spearhead your employment management and communication efforts. Whether you’re a web developer looking for an easy way to manage your time and team or a small business owner in the process of building a website, these plugins will make all the difference.

WP-HR Manager

WP-HR Manager is a human resources plugin that allows you to manage processes and records and build out a powerful HRM system. You’ll be able to manage employee human resources information from any browser. This is also ideal for remote workers because of its employee self service features.

Employees will be able to monitor their own performance from an intuitive front and back end dashboard, without the ability to access certain WordPress back-end screens. This plugin is as extensive as you need it to be, with various branch and department listings. An audit log tracks changes to records, allows you to communicate employee updates, and manage company-wide calendars.

Use BuddyPress to Build Staff Intranet

As previously mentioned, a company intranet is a great way to collaborate, communicate, and streamline business processes. BuddyPress is an open software social networking package that can be installed into WordPress to turn any website into a social platform. And while many of its users do attempt to launch networks of their own, smaller companies are using it to build business intranets.

A password-protected and highly secure BuddyPress website can easily and quickly be transformed into a staff intranet. Like any social network, your team members can use this website to post updates, sift through documents, collaborate with team members, and much more. Additionally, because BuddyPress features so many customization options, you can truly brand this de facto intranet to your liking.

WP Project Manager

Project management can make or break a business. Every year, companies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to mismanaged projects. Improper communication, siloed workflows, and micromanagement can all thwart the success of a project. But with the right project management tools, you’ll benefit from a high-level overview of everything happening under your company umbrella.

The WP Project Manager is a free plugin that makes it simple to manage projects from directly within the WordPress dashboard. This is great for operations teams who want to keep their management functions in-house, rather than toggling between a myriad of third party applications and websites.

There are several key features. First and foremost, all users will have their own dashboard to keep them updated and organized. From within WordPress, you can set up and manage as many projects as you’d like. Set user levels, assign creators, and collaborate with team members.

You’ll also be able to track milestones and view all the files associated with a project in one place. Simple progress bars across projects allow you to visualize where you are with your progression towards completion. A premium version supports unlimited users, invoices, subtasks, and time tracking.

Timesheet Attendance Management

The Timesheet Attendance Management is a plugin that manages employee time and overall productivity. When employees start work, they simply punch in, and punch out when their work is complete. While there are plenty of comprehensive time tracking tools out there, this one is specifically suited to small digital companies on a budget. The learning curve is very small, making it easy for any business owner or manager to set up within minutes.

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