Website Uniqueness: How it affects your blog success?


Recently, more and more people use website builders ‘cause it is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to create a website for business or smb’s personal needs. However, in most cases, website builders have one big problem – the non-unique design or Website Uniqueness.

Neither you nor your website visitors will like the non-unique website design! As for the search engines, they also have a very negative attitude towards websites with a non-unique design or less Website Uniqueness.

So what should you do? Everything is simple: think twice before choosing a website builder when creating your website!

You just need to choose the right solution, which offers wide (and, most importantly, easy for beginners) design editing options. Try the progressive website builder Weblium, which will help you to easily change every tiny element of the template design, along with offering a bunch of benefits for your website promotion!

Disadvantages of template design and site designers and ways to solve them

1.1. Most website builders offer templates that look like each other

If you do not order a website from a professional web design studio and use a website builder to create a website, you’ll see that most of the designs have a primitive design and unsightly appearance.

Neither you nor your visitors will like this!

Of course, there are several website builders (the market leaders) who develop amazing designs. However, their pricing plans are quite high, and a young entrepreneur is unlikely to be able to afford them.

What should you do, if you’re on a budget? Try Weblium website builder, where you can create a modern and effective website for free, and where you are guaranteed to get a number of bonuses like SSL certificate, reliable Google-cloud hosting, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, etc.

As for the templates, Weblium offers stunning, beautiful solutions created following the most relevant trends in web design and designed based on an in-depth study of the certain market niche (more than 100 sites are analyzed to create one website template!).

Such a site will easily draw attention, and it will be much easier for you to work with such a template – after all, it already contains the required number and type of pages, as well as the elements that are necessary to make it work effectively.

1.2. Most site builders limit site functionality or design customization options

This is the most common problem of many website builders: often, they won’t let you get the full website functionality or customization options on free/starter pricing plans. Usually, you have to spend more money buying additional modules and plug-ins and lose your time trying to puzzle out how to use them.

The Weblium site builder has successfully solved these problems by offering users a fully functional site and advanced settings for customizing templates. You can customize the design of each block and each individual element according to your vision.

If that seems right to you, you can easily add the blocks from templates from other categories (business niches). An advanced simple editor makes it very easy to build your perfect website.

In case you get “carried away”, Weblium also has a good option to offer: an integrated AI will always correct the mistakes in design made by the novice. And if you get stuck somewhere, the responsive 24/7 customer support will help you to solve the problem and move on.

 So, without risking anything, you get additional, important tools to create the most unique design of your website!

1.3. Search Engine Promotion

The effect of promotion directly depends on what opportunities the online platform provides for this: some platforms allow users to edit the source code.

Other site builders (for example, a super popular Wix) won’t allow you to edit the site code. So, you are limited by the possibilities, offered by built-in modules, and you aren’t able to easily add new features to your website’s functionality.

All Weblium websites have a set of initial SEO-settings that will make Google love your website. Also, you are free to use the editor to easily add titles and meta tags, add alt tags to images, add canonical links, add “nofollow” tags to links, hide specific pages and the entire site from search engines, access and edit a site map, add a site to Google Search Console, configure 301 redirects, implement SEO settings for your blog and much more.

Besides, all websites created with Weblium will be fast (90-100 on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights), will follow Website Uniqueness, and optimized for mobile devices by default. According to Google, these are some of the most important factors influencing search engine ranking.

  • May 12, 2020
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