How Flutter Can Help Reduce Overall Mobile App Development Cost?


Before jumping on answering the question, let me first walk you through what Flutter is and the factors that affect Flutter mobile app development costs.

Flutter Framework Explained

Powered by Google, Flutter is one of the most sought-after open-source app development frameworks with cross-platform capabilities. It is used to develop web, desktop and mobile apps efficaciously with its rich widgets and tools. The applications developed using Flutter are highly interactive in nature and work for multiple platforms (including iOS and Android). As far as the development process is concerned, Flutter offers a swift app development interface with a reusable codebase making it quite easy for the developers to work on. With an exceptional user experience and a flexible development and execution methods, Flutter reduces the app development time substantially, and consequently, reduces the development costs.

Flutter has dominance over other application development frameworks mainly because of its robust, cost-effective, and time-saving app development. Most businesses go for Flutter app development to augment the look and feel of their apps. Let us now know why businesses embrace Flutter for their app needs.

Major Factors Affecting App Development Cost

There is a host of app development frameworks prevailing in the market for building highly interactive and engaging apps. The challenge is to choose the one that attunes with your business-specific goals.

If the mobile app framework is not chosen wisely, it can actually cost you big time. Flutter, clearly, is the most befitting option to opt for building cost-effective apps suiting every pocket. The Flutter app development cost is dependent on a gamut of factors, encompassing:

  • Complexity Of The App

The app complexity is based on a number of factors, viz. in-built features, third party integration, development of admin panel, deployment of the architectural model, and so on. It plays a vital role in determining the cost of the app.

  • Category Of The App

Applications are categorized under various heads based on the different features and usage. Say for example, if you intend to create an app to support your eCommerce portal, then a whole lot of functionalities and features, making it an well-detailed, exhaustive application. Flutter offers a great deal of valuable app development to ease out the process in spite of the diverse nature of apps. 

  • Design Of The App

Since the design is the first and foremost thing a user will notice, it becomes imperative that it is enticing enough to garner the attention. And in order to facilitate this, many businesses opt for offshore app development services. The development cost of the app depends on the unique designs, features and capabilities you choose. Flutter makes it easy to implement fresh designs chosen by you quite easily and quickly, that too without any hassles and within your budget.

  • Maintenance Of The App

Whether it is to keep them updated or ensuring that they are in line with the latest market trends, maintaining the apps is surely a daunting task to do. And needless to say, it is an ongoing process that needs to be done on a regular basis. Maintaining apps developed using Flutter would mean taking care of only the application updates, fixing the bugs, and design trend changes. And these changes won’t harm your pockets at all.

Why Businesses Love Flutter So Much

Flutter apps have Google’s backing. In addition, the rich widgets used in the apps using Flutter framework perform the same way as the native apps. Apart from the aforesaid, there are a plethora of other reasons as well why businesses have time and again chosen Flutter over other frameworks for all their app development requirements, including cross-platform capabilities, and better performance.

So, does Flutter actually reduce the overall mobile app development costs? If yes, then how?

Let us take a glance over the most prominent ones:

  • Simple To Use, Easy To Implement

Known for its fast development, using the Flutter framework is surely a five-finger exercise. Developers can make use of the unique feature named – ‘Hot Reload’, in order to write the codes and make the requisite changes which will be reflected real-time in the app so developed. Also, unlike the native apps wherein apps have to be rebuilt for every separate platform, Flutter uses pre-built customizable widgets in a minimal timeframe.

  • Free For All

Flutter is an open-source app development framework, and so it is free for all to use. All one needs to pay is to the app developers who will help you develop fully-functional, captivating Flutter apps, saving a great deal of money.

  • Easy Development With A Reusable Codebase

Flutter has without a doubt revolutionized the app development for better. Not only is the Flutter app development process easy, but also it is reusable boasting an element of flexibility in coding. With Flutter’s flexible UI components, you get fully-functional, feature-rich and engaging apps acclimatized to your business goals, that too in less time.

  • Reduced App Testing Time

Testing is crucial for seamless functioning of apps. And when a multi-platform app needs to be developed, the testing time is usually more. But, since Flutter uses the same coding for each of the platforms, the testing time is reduced to a great extent. The reduced app testing time consequently reduces the overall app development cost.

  • A Befitting Choice For MVPs

Getting your app developed using Flutter is advised to startups as well. Startups can actually leverage the Flutter-based app by presenting it before the investors. Without having to spend an additional amount, Flutter gives you the option of developing MVPs, i.e., Minimum Viable products), allowing you to save time as well as money.

  • App Coding – Less Is More!

The cost of app development is determined by the length of the code as well as the time spent to write the code. Flutter app development ensures a well-managed codebase involving less codes. The use of Dart, an client-optimized, object-oriented development language, in the Flutter framework gives apps the exposure of customized widgets to develop captivating native interfaces. So, Flutter apps deliver the same level of performance as the native apps even with less coding.

  • Maintenance Is Minimal

When one is developing apps using Flutter, there is no need to pay extra for the maintenance. The development cost remains unaffected.

As illustrated above, Flutter comes with a plethora of cost-efficient factors making it one of the most loveable mobile app development frameworks.


AUTHOR BIO: Nathan Smith is a technology enthusiast at TechnoScore, a notable mobile app development company. He is always learning and is here to offer help to enhance your knowledge base with inspiring and informative content.

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