Mobile Development: How to Reduce Costs

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Modern markets have become so competitive that it has become vital that all businesses have a business app. A business app can help you reach existing and potential customers as well as be a great way of making some additional revenue. However, you have to think about your budget when thinking about having your own Mobile Development. Depending on several factors, getting your app developed can either be affordable or very expensive. Below, we are going to look at a few tips that can help you keep your mobile development costs down.

Decide What You Need

It is very tempting to want your app to have many different features to give your customers as much value as possible. This is not always the best decision because every new feature or integration you add increases the cost of getting the app developed.

The best way to know what you need and can do without is to have a list of everything you want on the app. By having this list, you can sort the features into those you need right now and those that can be added at a later stage. By doing this, you can release an app your users will find useful with the ability to add more features in the future.

Read Some Case Studies

Sometimes, it is not always finding out where you can cut costs but finding out where other businesses cut costs as they had their apps developed. This could be in the way they had their app developed, how they hired, or the different features they had to prioritize to release the best first iteration of their app. This app development blog has everything you need to know about app development plus some case studies on how to build your website. All that insight is brought to you by Appetiser, an app and web development company that works with some of the biggest brands in the world. They develop apps and websites across different industries and technology platforms so you get exactly what you need.

Have a Detailed Project Requirements List

Detailed project requirement lists make app development easier and faster. Developers know from the onset what they should be working on and what the outcome should be. Because of this, they spend very little time asking for clarifications. 

A detailed project requirements list also ensures there are no corrections. This is because developers know what to work on and therefore do not add features the app does not need and end up redoing some portion of the app.

Decide How You Will Hire

When planning your project, it is important to decide if you want to have the app developed in-house or if you would like to outsource the project. If you already have a team in place, having the app developed in-house remains the best option. That said, if you do not have a large enough team, you can always hire remotely so that you have additional people helping out on the project.

If you do not have a team of any size, you can outsource the project. Outsourcing helps you cut down on hiring, office and rental costs while helping maximize output by ensuring there is always at least one person working on the app. 

You can always hire an entire team instead of an individual. The team should ideally have worked together in the past so that you minimize downtime and save money on getting everyone on the same page. Hiring a single team for one project also removes the complexities of trying to coordinate different teams to achieve one goal. The delays caused by all this friction can end up costing your company a lot of money.

When assembling a team, choose experts who have the necessary experience and expertise to build the type of app(s) you would like built. Experts work faster, are more efficient and do not make mistakes that lead to corrections requests for portions of the work to be redone.

Use Cross-Platform Apps

Having separate apps developed for Android and iOS can be very expensive. This is why some businesses choose to have cross-platform apps developed. These are apps built using reusable code that runs on both of these platforms so businesses have one instead of two apps developed. Cross-platform apps are known to cut development costs by up to 40% if you need apps for both Android and iOS.

Set Generous Deadlines

Hurrying the developers to finish the Mobile development faster results in careless errors that are caused by the rush. These errors will take time to fix and the more egregious the errors, the more time it will take to have them fixed which ends up costing you more. 


Taking a few simple steps can see you cut your Mobile development budget by as much as half. To make this happen, have a clear understanding of what you need to be developed and give your developers enough time to complete the work. 

  • September 30, 2020
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