Mobile App Development Tools: 5 Enterprise-Ready For Rapid Deployment


There are several enterprise-ready mobile app development tools for rapid deployment. According to recent studies, mobile app development market revenue is projected to reach over $690 million by the end of 2021. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the mobile app development demand as businesses require more software to work remotely. As an enterprise mobile app developer, you need to know the best tools to increase your development efficiency. This way, you can meet the rising market demands and satisfy your clients. Of course, the proper tools are also essential to grow your company’s long-term revenue. Read on to discover the best enterprise-ready mobile app development tools for rapid deployment.

Low-Code Platforms

First, low-code development platforms are among the top trending tools to boost your deployment efficiency. Typically, these platforms employ drag-and-drop user interfaces for a quicker build process. Many low-code development resources also come with extensive building block libraries. With these resources, you can reuse visual elements for your application models. Since they are in one convenient location, it’s easy to access the elements that you need. Moreover, many low-code platforms are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) development, assistant. This is a great tool to assist new developers on your team and get them oriented with your chosen platform. Certainly, low-code platforms offer user-friendly tools to for rapid enterprise app deployment.

Native Development Software

Next, native development software is another great tool to increase your enterprise mobile app build efficiency. Many native developer tools include rich features to enhance your programming performance. For example, some iOS platforms are equipped with live rendering. This way, you can see your user interface code directly on your design. Often, this feature updates as you make changes to your code as well. With this capability, you can boost your development efficiency because you will be able to see exactly how your product looks. This reduces time spent locating performance errors in later development stages. Remember, native development software usually requires knowledge of a specific programming language. Therefore, native platforms are best for experienced enterprise mobile app developers looking to increase their deployment efficiency. Absolutely, using native development software is the perfect productivity tip for developer efficiency


In addition, Kubernetes is another enterprise mobile app development tool to increase your deployment speed. Importantly, Kubernetes is an open-source system you can use to automate your deployment, scaling, and management procedures. Notably, this platform can group your application containers together into logical units to make them more manageable. Additionally, you can also use Helm to streamline installation and management for your Kubernetes apps. Using charts, Helm Kubernetes can package your files for your application data and resources. Plus, Kubernetes can automatically place your containers based on their requirements. Indeed, this is a great platform to boost your enterprise deployment speed and streamline management.

Version Control Software

Moreover, you can install version control software to track and manage your code. Notably, source code management (SCM) systems are great tools to track your project history. If needed, your team can revert back to a previous project version or file. In short, this saves immense time since you won’t need to re-code the project. Often, version control software provides a full revision history. Indeed, this makes it easier to find exactly what you need. Fortunately, many quality version control software options are free to install. Surely, this provides flexibility, making it easy for your team to implement. Definitely, version controlling and its exclusive usability benefits is essential to increase your deployment speed.

Automation Testing Frameworks

Furthermore, you can also use automation testing frameworks to boost your enterprise mobile application development speed. Importantly, automation frameworks allow your team to write code that focuses on the specific problem you are testing. With this tool, you can create a testing process that focuses on prevention, rather than detection. When properly planned and implemented, you can spend much less time going back to your code to work out defects. This significantly reduces your reworking time. In some cases, you can use test automation frameworks across multiple web browsers and applications as well. With these efficiency measures, automation testing frameworks are invaluable tools to boost your deployment speed.

There are several enterprise-ready mobile app development tools for rapid deployment. First, low-code platforms have comprehensive user interfaces to increase build speeds. Next, native development platforms include robust features to help you code faster. In addition, Kubernetes is a great platform to manage your containerized applications. Moreover, the version control software can save your team time with easy access to your file history. Furthermore, utilize automation testing frameworks to increase your development efficiency. Install these enterprise-ready mobile app development tools for rapid deployment.

  • January 23, 2021
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